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Monday, 9 September 2013

Rona's Throw Out Made Good!

Clean and ready for action.

This cardigan was found outside an Op Shop in the free 'Please take this away' box.  I immediately spotted it had vintage potential mainly because of the perfectly old shabby pink colour.  I picked it up.  Someone called Rona had scribbled their name inside the collar.  I knew whoever she was she would be pleased with the project I had in store for her castoff. Back at home and all lavender lovely from the wool wash I set about chopping the cardigan up.   

Measure twice cut once!
Firstly I turned it inside out then I stitched along the bottom hem and then in from the side seams to fit snugly around the cushion inner that I already had.  I have found that most jumpers and cardigans are easier to fit to oblongs.

Next I sewed across the top of course hopefully leaving the right amount of space to fit in the cushion pad.  The buttons up the front of the cardigan make the perfect opening so no need to bother with a zip or any other complications and there you have it.  With very little bother I have a lovely almost free upcycled vintage cushion to cosy up my home with.  Any way must dash ... I am off to find my next more dash than cash project!

Outdoor comfort.

Button side up.