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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Doilie, doily, doyley, doiley, d’oyley or d’oilie?

I was wondering since I had so many of the darn things if I was spelling the name doilie correctly and whilst searching for the answer I came across the following snippet on The Dreamstress blog all abut the history of the word doilie! http://thedreamstress.com/2011/06/doilie-doily-doyley-doiley-doyley-or-doilie/.  I often wonder at the lives of the people who put so many hours of painstaking effort into these beautiful little works of art and how different my life is and how I barely have time or the knowledge to make anything let alone something so intricately complicated. This weeks creative pinnacle was to merely glue a doilie onto an old battered stool. A very simple idea but as you can see in the photos it looks interesting and evokes for me just enough pretty but not enough to be cloying.  I always love the juxtaposition between opposing forces, bitter sweet, old and new, love and hate it excites my senses indeed!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pimp my Suitcase

Not going anywhere!

Not a very lovely thing is it this old battered suitcase?  We moved not very long ago and I ended up collecting a lot of these type of retro cases from op shops cheaply instead of spending money on packing boxes (I spent a lot of time loitering furtively behind shops and befriending delivery men in pursuit of cardboard boxes as well!).   Anyhow I don't need packing cases anymore but as always in my house we do need storage, storage and storage.  Here is what I made for little Stella's room. Pink is the order of the day and so after a liberal slosh of 'Lipstick' pink I cut out some flowers from a Cath Kidston book I had and Bob's your uncle as they say.  A new receptacle for the dolly clothes which up until now have lived on the floor and under the bed and sometimes up the hall.  Also if the dolls want to go on their hols anytime soon their clothes are all packed and ready.  I have been commissioned by my little boy for a more manly version for all his artworks.  I think this idea will be useful in my sewing room for all the odds and sods I collect to make things out of and can never find when the moment arrives!  Here is the result ....cheap but cheerful.........sounds a bit like me! x

Off on new adventures!